Hand crafted wristwear and accessories by Mike Flatow

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“Clothing isn’t just about form and function, it can be a creative expression. Mike’s line is a way of telling everyone you meet something incredibly unique about yourself without opening your mouth.”

John Henson, comedian, writer, producer
wearing custom Celtic cuff
“This is the coolest watch ever! It's beautiful but still rock n' roll, and one of my favorite things that I own. Every time I look at it I smile. I love it so much it's the very first thing I put on when I get out of the shower."

Roxy, musician, bartender and goddess of chaos!
wearing custom Stars watch
"The cuffs Mike made for me get more comfortable every time I put them on. They feel great and look even cooler. I consider them as crucial to my live show as my guitar."

Eric Franklin, Guitartist for Ketaset ketaset.com
wearing custom Triple-wide
…she doesn’t talk much… riiiiight…

Sophie, the niece, on her 2nd Birthday
wearing a mini-cuff, Sterling Silver heart


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