Hand crafted wristwear and accessories by Mike Flatow

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The Works

All pieces are made of the highest quality materials which are, whenever possible, made in the US.  Most leathers used are tanned naturally, not with chemicals commonly used on leathers today.  Naturally tanned leather often has innate imperfections – chemically processed leathers often remove these beauty-marks of nature.

All pieces will wear and break in well.  Last Call Leather stands behind every piece.

Look for the “maker’s mark,” just like the traditional western manner that a saddle is marked by its craftsman.

Mike Flatow

Mike Flatow makes all pieces, personally and by hand, in his home studio in New York City.  A longtime fan of leather wristwear, he began designing and creating his own pieces.  As interest in his work developed, it spawned Last Call Leather.

With a broad, unpredictable taste in music, many say his greatest love, the ‘hard stuff,’ is reflected in much of his work… 

You might run into Mike caressing a cold Bud or feeding the juke box in any bar, anywhere.  More often than not, though, you’ll find him in New York, where Last Call is at 4.

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